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Supre Tan Domination 50XXX Ultimate Bronzer Formula for Men 350ml

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Product Description:Bronzer The Ultimate Tan 50x Bronzer Formulated Specifically for Men Unleash the strength and power of the ultimate mens dark tanning bronzer. Domination is specially formulated to meet the unique needs of mens skin with deeper penetration, cleaner application, revitalising skin supplements and potent 50XXX bronzers that take your tan to the highest level of deep, dark colour and definition. Ultra advanced 50XXX Bronzing Blend of DHA and Natural Bronzers dramatically darkens skin after UV exposure for a deeper, darker longer lasting tan. Ultimate Tan Maximizers help provide dynamic tanning results, maximum colour density and darkness.Innovative emulsion system goes on smooth and wont matte hair during application for cleaner application and healthier looking tan.

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