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Men-U Daily Moisturising Conditioner 100 ml

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It is moisture and not oils that are the secret to hair that is in great condition. Moisture is as important to the hair as it is to the skin and the key is to keep it there. A great conditioner is crucial but most important is the retention of a good quality conditioner. men-u shampoos are anionic which means the hair is left negatively charged and the moisturising rinse out conditioner is cationic which is positively charged. As opposites attract – the maximum amount of conditioner is absorbed into the hair but without overloading, as any excess is washed away. With more men using heated appliances such as blow driers and straighteners men-u moisture retention shampoo and Daily moisturising conditioner are a very powerful and essential combination to recharge the hair. If your crowning glory feels like Worzel’s – more straw than hair, then this combination is even more essential!Men-u Daily moisturising conditioner conditions the hair without overloading, to provide a smooth texture & natural shine.

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